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Worldwide Commissions and Retail Profits Earned Since 1992
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*Figures based on Market America Worldwide, Inc. and Affiliates 2010 Balance Sheet and Income Statement
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"I have truly been blessed! I am in my 21st year as an UnFranchise® Owner and loving every minute of it. I am more ..."
"It doesn't seem possible that just a few short years ago I started this business. I was wondering if I should stay in the ..."
benjaminginder jr
"No matter the business opportunity involved, everyone looks for a shortcut to success. Many do not possess the patience and ..."
"We started our Independent UnFranchise® business in November 1996 because we liked Market America's Isotonix OPC-3® ..."
victor j & alicechiou
"Market America is a dream to us. It has allowed us to live a dream we have never dared to dream. It is a gift from heaven. ..."
frank j.keefer
"Frank and Gingie Keefer had a dream. Accomplishing that dream became their life goal. They were fueled by a passion to ..."
"It has been 13 years since we began our Market America business. When we look back through the storms and sunny days, there ..."
"Market America truly is a great opportunity for average people to succeed by following the proven UnFranchise® System. ..."
pam and tonybowling
"This has been a great year! We love having a home-based Independent UnFranchise® business. If you would investigate ..."
"There was a time when I had a failing business and a ton of debt. Today, I am living in an expensive house and have a ..."
"I came to this country from Taiwan 25 years ago. I have always considered myself a very lucky person. In the last 20 years, ..."
"When I was a child, I loved traveling. I had dreams to go abroad to see the other parts of the world. When I told my parents ..."
norm & maryroth
"“True freedom is being able to do what you want, when you want.” The UnFranchise® System provided the most ..."
"Why? Why not? I believe when someone's "why" become clear, it is their driving force to success. When I started my Market ..."
jim and lisawinkler
"Thank you, Market America! Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to determine if this is really a dream. Imagine how you ..."
"Before we became Market America Independent Distributors, our lifestyle was much busier and our financial situation was much ..."
amber & michaelyang & lu
"We came to this country 15 years ago to pursue higher education and a better life. Twelve years later, with three master's ..."
"Twenty years ago, my husband and I came here to seek the American dream. Although we had Ph.Ds and worked hard in IT jobs, ..."
kenneth and tarabeck
"We were always looking for a better way. I had worked many long hours each and every week in a family business for an ..."
jacki & christopherblasko
"Fifteen years ago, if someone would have told me it was possible to be debt-free, traveling the world, living in the home of ..."
"This business has totally changed my life! Big thanks to our sponsors, mentors and two of the best coaches, Marian and James ..."
"My professional background is that I owned an auto repair facility and used car sales, and my wife, Jodie, held a high-tech ..."
lisa and edwardgrant
"Since I began my Market America UnFranchise® Business, I have had some of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I ..."
lisa & yardleylieberman-wang
"As the economy changed we lost 15 years of savings in a heartbeat. From prosperity to desperation we had nowhere to turn. ..."
"I have always been filled with passion about the role we play in shaping the future of our world through the way we raise ..."
catherine & shuma & yang
"This business works if you are willing to work the business. The business will pay you handsomely if you are willing to ..."
"When we launched our career as Market America Independent Distributors in October 1993, I came to realize that the only ..."
douglas & lisaauclair
"We are just as excited about our Market America UnFranchise® Business today as we were 14 years ago when we started. ..."
charles e jr & peggybaer
"Before our association with Market America, my wife and I were still in the rat race. I was in the financial service field ..."
kathleen jbrown schindler
"And to think people tried to tell me Market America wouldn't last!..."
"The Market America business opportunity is a dream come true! Thinking back on how my life has changed in just a few short ..."
"It's a blessing when you can share from the heart a lifestyle that has the ability to positively change your whole outlook ..."
lisa & paulcarlotta
"Losing two small businesses in one year would send any ordinary couple into personal and financial ruin. We are no ..."
paul & teresa carney
"What a life-changing journey Market America has been since we began in April 1996. I would have to say the biggest change of ..."
melisa shiow-lanchan
"Prior to starting my Market America business I was the head nurse manager at Jersey City Medical Center. I worked Monday ..."
"A blessing from my Lord has made me who I am today. When my upline, Dolly Kuo, told me all the good things about the Market ..."
"All over North America, families just like yours and mine are yearning for a better way. They are searching for ..."
cindy chia-yu & hermaneng
"Everyone understands the luxury of having money. However, money can be worthless if you don't have the ability and time to ..."
"Greetings from the sweetest place on earth, Hershey, Pa.! Market America allows us the opportunity to give and give. Some ..."
steven pharris
"I was already working 50-60 hours a week selling pre-owned exotic and luxury cars when I became a Market America Independent ..."
ernie & jeannetteheikes
"Another great year with Market America! We love what this wonderful company offers to its UnFranchise® Owners. Who would ..."
debbie justice
"What is your freedom worth? What are you willing to do for that freedom? Market America provides the platform for YOU to ..."
johnson & susanli
"It has been an amazing journey with Market America. Market America is very much a life-changing business in many ways. So ..."
john & tracylin
"After 10 and a half years with Market America, we are more convinced than ever and have built more belief in the business! ..."
"Market America is the best vehicle to financial freedom available today. The Compensation Plan, the Mall Without ..."
"Do you love your career? Do you wish you could spend more time with your family and do the things you love to do? Don't you ..."
"Elizabeth Weber introduced me to Market America over 15 years ago and at first, like so many others, thought this was the ..."
"Wow, what a ride! Since April 1993, my family and I have received commission checks every week. We're still getting ..."
"When I came to the United States 15 years ago, I could never have pictured myself as a financially independent business ..."
"When my husband, Jerry Siciliano, decided to come out of retirement for Market America, I knew it had to be something great! ..."
xianmei & haimingwang & zhang
"We became associated with Market America in November 1997, not knowing where it would lead us. Prior to this time, we had ..."
david & stacywhited
"When we started our first Independent UnFranchise® business, at the age of 23, we never imagined we would be blessed ..."
"When I became an Independent Distributor with Market America, I was excited to see such fantastic products and a realistic ..."
marc raliotti
"Market America is all about choices. This company can provide financial freedom, personal growth and self-confidence for ..."
"You know, everyone thinks life is somehow going to work out. Get a little education, a good job, work hard and the money ..."
marda rarkebauer
"After 15 years as a stay-at-home mom, I became single once again with little choice but to market myself and return to the ..."
jeff & jacquebirchman
"We were searching for something to replace Jacque's teaching income when we were introduced to Market America in July 1998. ..."
"What an amazing journey my life has taken over the past few years. I can remember my life in 1997 like it was yesterday. I ..."
"I joined Market America without doubt. It has helped my family's lifestyle and health. It also helped all my friends and ..."
"Market America is truly a great business opportunity for the average person. If I had not started with Market America ..."
ty and leighclinton-ragonese
"Market America gives people the opportunity to generate an ongoing income by following a proven system. We are building a ..."
dan & raqueldetullio
"Although our backgrounds are vastly different, we have found profound happiness in this great company that has brought us ..."
marilyn kfreese
"When I was approached by Market America many years ago, I have to admit that I was very skeptical! I'm just thankful I was ..."
rick & cindyhannon
"I was introduced to the idea of working from home in 1979, through the Amway Corporation. I had been working as a landscape ..."
trinity & cullenhaskins
"Market America has been an incredible journey full of joy, tears and love. This company is not just a way to enjoy financial ..."
"We became Distributors with Market America in 1995 on a part-time basis. In July 1999 I was able to sell a traditional ..."
"I came to America with my three boys and little knowledge of the English language. I knew I needed to find a way to provide ..."
"I firmly believe in the Two- to Three-Year Plan and the potential it offers to every average person in comparison to the ..."
"How great it is to have economic and personal freedom! Ruth and I spent our entire adult lives experiencing the ups and ..."
penny & patlafferty
"When we were first introduced to Market America we thought it was another MLM with a different twist. However, we soon found ..."
"A few short years ago, I was a single parent struggling to raise two teenage kids on a very limited income as a United ..."
lisa and jameslamonica
"Market America is a gift and a true blessing in our lives. In October 2007, my father, Steve Seigh, passed away ..."
"I was introduced to Market America in November 1995. My schedule was busy with a career in the food and beverage industry. I ..."
pamela & jimlee
"Think about it. All we really have are two basic choices: work for a living or customize a life. If you want financial and ..."
mimi & jimlitterelle
"Market America has truly been a life-changing experience for us. Before becoming Distributors, we both had full-time career ..."
"Early retirement seemed like something that was unattainable, especially when I examined our current value of my pension ..."
"I began my career out of school thinking that I had all of the education I needed to be successful in life. I swore I would ..."
"Life teaches us that we have to work hard. What it doesn't teach us, though, is that we should find a way to work hard for ..."
nova montgomery
"I've have had the privilege of being associated with Market America since November of 1995. I feel so fortunate to have ..."
wendy & josephmoquin
"It was with low expectations that we began our Market America venture 17 years ago. We were not sure the business was right ..."
"It's not enough that you love your work. To lay claim to a dream job, it has to be the kind of job that other people want...."
doug and melanienelson
"Nothing, anywhere, can touch what this company is offering to people. If you follow the UnFranchise® Business System for ..."
lana and kenobrist
"There was a time not long ago when our lives were very different than they are today. Kenny and I worked all the time. No ..."
john & susanparnell
"We all make choices in our lives. Our position in life has a direct correlation to the choices we have made along the way. ..."
tom and diana pasternak
"We were both corporate management for over 30 years, during which time we built someone else's dream. Our lives were owned ..."
mary susanrehrer
"I didn't think that Market America would follow through on its promises of the Two- to Three-Year Plan. I had previous ..."
sandi & steverodriguez
"Market America has been a true blessing in our lives. Steve and I met through this business back in 2004 while I was ..."
"After working in the fitness industry for 14 years, I became the co-owner of a Gold's Gym. I quickly learned that the job is ..."
ann & williamruggio
"Market America has definitely been a miracle in our life. We thank God every day for sending us this incredible vehicle ..."
dan & debsjoberg
"Our life journey with Market America began in March of 1995. Deb joined me as part of our business in November of that year. ..."
"Thank God for this awesome company because it has truly changed our lives. Working 12-hour shifts in a hospital cardiac unit ..."
"We were first introduced to Market America eight years ago. In the beginning, we only used the products and did not see the ..."
haiwang & yinglisun & he
"Like many others, I had a beautiful dream when I came to this country. I believed, at the beginning, that I could have a ..."
"In China, my family owns a clothing factory, and when I first came to the United States, I was involved in importing ..."
"Success with Market America is a choice. It's the choice to follow a proven business plan for two to three years in order to ..."
kelly & vickiwhited
"Change is only a decision and an action plan away. We were ready for a change and when Market America came along, it gave us ..."
lian sheng & qinzhang & yang
"The power of Market America’s UnFranchise® System is in the duplication and team work. Market America’s ..."
fred & barbboldt
"What an amazing paradigm shift. You can only reach your dreams by helping others to reach their dreams! God has given each ..."
ron and ginnybueneman
"In June of 1996, we started our journey with Market America. Little did we know, Market America would be the vehicle that ..."
"I used to be a traditional businesswoman. It eats away at my time and money with huge risk attached. I was even a ..."
carol j.derenne
"Freedom at Last! Thanks to Market America, my husband and I have been able to say, Goodbye 45 year plan!..."
kim j. & micheal p.glynn
"It is amazing what can happen, when you are willing to learn something new and implement appropriate activities...."
"In my experience, I have found that the magic ingredient for success is to do what you love and make it fun. I got started ..."
michael and evelynbirkholz
"I can’t believe Evelyn and I have just passed our 10th anniversary with Market America. More surprising is the ..."
freddy r.dowdy
"After building and owning several successful businesses, I had not found a business where you could easily duplicate ..."
"Market America is an incredible company that truly offers people a real opportunity to create an ongoing stream of income. ..."
"My decision to be a part of Market America has changed my life and the life of my family. In the last eight years, many ..."
paul and vickiehildebrand
"The answer to this business is that you have to have a "why." Our "why" was retirement with freedom from financial debts ..."
shane and rachelpatterson
"It's amazing to think that nearly 18 years have passed since I started my Market America business. Shane and I continue to ..."
deborah a.robbins
"Making the decision to be a part of the Market America team in September of 1994 has been one of the wisest choices I have ..."
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