Earning Level

$125,000 - $149,999


Joanne Hsi

International Field Chairman

I came into this business as a single mom facing cultural and languages barriers. Since becoming an UnFranchise® Owner 21 years ago, I have been fortunate to have time and financial freedom and enjoy a lifestyle most people dream about.

Market America is a fantastic company with the right products, the right compensation plan and the right training and support. Since becoming a Market America UnFranchise® Owner, I have enjoyed a lifestyle most people just dream about. Market America has given me an incredible life and has allowed financial and time freedom. I'm learning new things that I have always dreamed of learning. But what I really love about Market America is that it has helped so many people. When I first started the business, I was very skeptical. However, Market America's compensation plan was optimized for the entrepreneur instead of the company. The business model was simple, and the products were phenomenal! The Miami World Conference also helped to solidify my belief in the system and boosted my confidence in making the business work for me. My advice for everyone in Market America is to be open to learn, communicate, and leverage the system. Be humble and consistently follow the steps of the Basic 5. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. Having a clear understanding of what has worked and failed for others is the fastest way to build a business. Success in this business requires teamwork, and I absolutely would not be enjoying the success I have today without the hard work and determination of my business partners. Building long-distance teams is one of the most powerful ways to build sustainable depth in an organization. When you have a strong team with stable leadership, the team can drive momentum in your absence. Today, whenever I travel in the U.S., Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, the United Kingdom, or Spain, I always find myself near a close friend I have made through my Market America business. I am grateful for the lifelong friendships I have made over the years and for my family (especially my son Jack) for providing a supportive and positive environment for me to come back to when I needed to recharge. Above all, I am grateful to JR, Loren, Marc Ashley and the other members of the Corporate Team who have worked harder than any of us to make our wildest dreams a reality.