Earning Level

$63,000 - $79,999


Victor & Alice Chiou

Sr. Executive Field Vice President

Market America is like a dream to us. It has allowed us to live the dream we never dared to dream. It is a gift from heaven. It gives our family the financial freedom that allows us to live the lifestyle we choose.

As immigrants from Taiwan, we worked very hard to prove to ourselves that we could overcome the challenges in a new environment. Respecting our parents' wishes, we each completed double degrees. Working for Fortune 500 companies for many years and through several economic downturns, we finally woke up to the concept of owning our own business. After 16 years of owning a small chain of retail businesses, life was not as we expected it to be. For twelve hours each day of the week, we were concerned about cash flow and inventory build-up, which combined with other external, uncontrollable factors had made continuing to own a small business a tough choice for us. Traditional business simply made us feel like we were living in our own, self-made jail! We were married to the business. After being a part of four multilevel companies, we were not interested in opening up the road to nowhere again. However, with Victor's open mind and willingness to help a friend, he signed into the Market America business. We are sincerely grateful to our friend who, in 1996, introduced this incredible business opportunity to us. Through the powerful GMTSS training system, we learned business building skills from many leaders in the nation. Market America has so many unique and powerful tools to help individuals grow into their chosen profession. Teamwork is very important for success. If you can help people get what they want, you will be rewarded with what you want. This is the Market America paradigm. It is a sea of unlimited fortune as long as you want it to be. We are very proud to be Market America UnFranchise® Owners!