Earning Level

$80,000 - $99,999


Ben Ginder

Field President

No matter the business opportunity involved, everyone looks for a shortcut to success. Many do not possess the patience and nerve to methodically follow a set game plan and series of goals in order to build a business.

After a dozen years of limited success in the financial services industry and several disappointing MLM attempts, Ben Ginder decided to embrace this philosophy and focus all of his energies on the Market America opportunity. He was convinced he could make the Two- to Three-Year Plan work.

"I knew it would work if I made it work," stated Ginder. "Before Market America, I was struggling to pay bills and in debt over my head. Now, I am out of debt and financially free. It's as if I'm on a permanent vacation, living each new day with a phenomenal lifestyle of which few could dream."

Just looking at Ginder's sprawling estate overlooking the Susquehanna River in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania and his enviable fleet of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, and Mercedes automobiles convinces you of the wisdom of his choice. When he drives up to a major company event in his latest exotic car, he not only wants to elicit wonder, but also curiosity and a little motivation--"How can I get a set of wheels like that?"

If you're serious about the business, the company's new Field President will tell you.

"Take charge and have the discipline to do whatever it takes to get the job done," said Ginder. "The key to success in this business is self-discipline and the determination to make it work. Communicate with your conviction to get the results you want."

After only five months of working his UnFranchise® business part time, Ginder left his financial services career and devoted himself totally to building his Market America business, exhibiting the same single-mindedness of purpose trait as his fellow pioneers during the company's early years.

"I totally focused on my goals and wouldn't let anything get in my way," Ginder said. "There were a few trade-offs, but that just made the final payoff that much more enjoyable. It all starts with a clear concise mental picture. Speak the results that you want-say 'I can! I will!' and circumstances will move out of your way."

Ginder marvels at the intricate complexity and efficiency of the UnFranchise Business Development System and appreciates Market America's One-to-One Marketing approach to a customer's needs. With the customer side of the equation addressed through One-to-One Marketing and popular "Mall without Walls" products, Ginder has more time to devote to recruiting, a major component of his success.

"Be bold, step out and walk away from the typical 95 percent," Ginder said. "Determine your destiny and chart your course. If you don't have goals and plans of your own, you fit into someone else's! Why not give it all you've got for once in your life?"